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ECOPOL S.p.A. Griffin, GA United States of America Manufacturing

Company Description

Ecopol was founded in 2009 in the heart of Tuscany with the idea of helping the people to safeguard the unique landscape that is surrounding us, and more importantly our wonderful planet.

Our products are used in many different applications, from the household detergents packaging to agrochemicals packaging, passing by the treatment of pool and SPA and many other applications, our idea has been always the same: provide the consumer with a product that is easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our technology is unique and Ecopol water-soluble film is the solution for your projects.


Ecopol is seeking a Plant Manager in Griffin, GA

Purpose of the Function

Ensuring the management and organization of the daily operations of the company's production plants, of which it must ensure the optimal and efficient operation. It takes care of workers, assigning functions and roles, defining working, production schedules, and training new hires.

Collects and analyzes production data to find any room for improvement; deals with the safety of workers and that of the plants; monitors production equipment and, if necessary, its repair or replacement.

Draw up the monthly plant report, based on the production trend, indicating the operating results, the state of the plants, the costs and the safety and environmental conditions

Collaborates with the Plant Manager of the other plants to ensure correct management of internal logistics.

Collaborates with Industrial Engineering for the coordination of maintenance teams.

Involves and motivates workers by transmitting the corporate vision and culture, guiding the team assiduously to success and teamwork.

Prepares the annual / multi-year plan of activities, to be submitted to the Operation Manager, verifies the results achieved, draws up periodic reports on the progress and plans future development lines.

He/She is responsible for coordinating and optimizing all the operational and production activities of the plant to make them more effective and functional to the company objectives. It guarantees the quality of the final product and compliance with the required processing procedures

Collaborate with the Operation manager in the realization of technical investments. Ensures the achievement of company objectives, carries out the necessary ordinary administration acts, takes care of the maintenance of the plants and the supply of materials, in harmony with the powers delegated by the Board of Directors, with technical-administrative autonomy of decision and management and in collaboration with the divisional directions in charge.

Formulates proposals to the Operation Manager for the adoption of measures not of its exclusive competence; suggests technical investments, tenders and supplies in general, including leasing contracts for the acquisition of capital goods.

He/She collaborates with the HR Department for the purposes of hiring and firing of associates on the basis of general guidelines, company needs and the methods established by employment. Collaborate with HR for the formulation of a training, assessment and development plan for personnel.

He/She presents annually an investment budget to be submitted for the approval of the Operation manger .

He/She assigns the objectives to be achieved to the various divisional areas of its competence and simultaneously monitors progress.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four (4) year college or university in Business, Engineering, or related field or equivalent combination of experience and education.
  • 10-12 years of manufacturing experience, including at least five (5) in management and a Significant amount in fast paced, high volume production environments.
  • Strong management, leadership, organizational and administrative skills, able to multi-task and stay cool under pressure.
  • Intermediate level Microsoft Office 365 Skills, advanced level preferred.
  • Mechanically inclined with strong problem solving skills.
  • Hands on, walk around plant floor management style.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with, relate to and motivate all employees.


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